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What We Take


We ACCEPT these items at the Nanaimo Recycling Exchange Society:

Items accepted for a fee: Free drop off: Free drop off:
Refrigerators/Freezers $10.00 Cereal boxes and food boxes (boxboard) Paper
Porcelain Estimated by volume Computers and accessories Pesticides (domestic)
Toilets $5.00 Diesel oil Plastic
Sinks $3.00 Electronic accessories Plastic bags (ziplock top removed)
Tires $2.00 Flammable liquids Plastic bottles
Diesel $1.00 Fluorescent lamps Pop cans
Wood $0.25/ kg Fluorescent tubes Plumbing fixtures
Yard and Garden Waste Gasoline (in jerry can) Propane tanks
Minimum $5.00 Glass bottles and jars Smoke alarms
Small pickup truck load $10.00 Hydraulic fluid Solvent
Large pickup truck load $15.00 Ink jet cartridges and toners Styrofoam
  Juice boxes Telephone books
Free drop off: Lawn mowers Televisions
Appliances (Large and small) Lead Tetra-pak juice boxes
Aluminum Light bulbs Thermostats
Aluminum foil Lighting equipment Transmission fluid
Antifreeze Magazines Vegetable oil
Bag-in-a-box beverage containers Mercury thermostats

Re-usable items can be dropped off as donations to our re-use market

Batteries Metal
Beverage containers Milk containers
Books Newspaper
Bottles Oil (lubricating- includes synthetic)
Bubble wrap Oil containers
Car batteries Paint (water based- latex, acrylic)
Cardboard Boxes Oil-based- alkyd, enamel, consumer paint, solvent based paint
Cell phones Paint cans
Ceramic tile and dishes Paint strippers and thinners




We do NOT ACCEPT these items at the Nanaimo Recycling Exchange Society:

Item not accepted Proper disposal option Contact Information
Compost and food waste Nanaimo Organic Waste (250) 722-4614
Construction Materials:(Drywall, Concrete, brick, insulation, carpet and underlay) Alpine Group (250) 755-1161
Cosmetic and beauty products Household Garbage or RDN Landfill (250) 722-2044
Drugs, medicine & other health product (Pharmacy for disposal) Local Pharmacy  
Explosives and Ammunition RCMP (call first) (250) 754-2345
Flares Pacific Blasting and Demo (604) 291-1255
Garden Hose RDN Landfill (250) 722-2044
Household garbage RDN Landfill (250) 722-2044
Mattresses RDN Landfill (250) 722-2044
Mercury Terra Pure Environmental (250) 722-3885
Needles Local Pharmacy  
Paper towel and tissue Household organic waste  
Particle board, MDF and other wood composite products Alpine Group or RDN Landfill Alpine- (250) 755-1161Landfill- (250) 722-2044
Pencils, crayons, pens, markers Household garbage  
Pet products and waste RDN Landfill (250) 722-2044
PVC Piping RDN Landfill (250) 722-2044
Vinyl RDN Landfill (250) 722-2044
Laminate RDN Landfill (250) 722-2044

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