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NRE Encouraged by RDN Support

Nanaimo Recycling Exchange is thrilled with the RDN’s decision to support Zero Waste targets through funding for the NRE. “The NRE wishes to acknowledge the considerable time, resources, and efforts by RDN staff to gather complex data and compile the report, and we appreciate the careful consideration by Chair Veenhof and the Board of Directors. The result is great news for the Regional District and for Nanaimo,” stated Jan Hastings, Executive Director of the NRE.

Hastings explained, “It is true that the $300,000.00 dedicated for Zero Waste doesn’t free up enough NRE capital to fund construction of a new facility, but it is a significant step forward. One more step is needed.”

At the RDN meeting on February 13, the NRE Board Vice-Chair Ben Geselbracht stated the need for a contribution from the City of Nanaimo. “The money committed by the RDN to pay the Nanaimo Recycling Exchange for the services it provides has made a new NRE facility a real possibility. With an additional $200,000.00 commitment from the city, our community can have a one-stop Zero Waste recycling facility for a fraction of what it costs the Cowichan Valley Regional District for the same service. We will present a formal request to the City for that contribution and welcome their commitment to Zero Waste partnership in this region,” stated Geselbracht.

Hastings added, “We couldn’t have better partners for Zero Waste recycling. With such dedicated collaboration, a community that believes in recycling, and participation from all sectors, we will reach our 90% diversion target.”


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