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Tank Traders Exchange Program

Our propane tank exchange program is now up and running.

What is the program all about?

If you have no tank, damaged tank or a tank older than 10 years
• You buy a Program Tank full of propane.
• You pay $60.00
• When your tank is empty, you bring it back and exchange it for a full tank.

If you bring a tank to trade (no damage, younger than 10 years)
• You trade your tank for a filled Trader tank for $25.00
• You pay only the cost of propane

New program tank with propane $60.00
Traded tank with propane $25.00


NRE Statutory Holiday Closures

The Nanaimo Recycling Exchange is open to serve the community on all statutory holidays with the exception of Canada Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day.

Thank you for supporting us!


Changes to glass disposal

We are no longer accepting window glass, shower doors, patio doors, wooden windows, or mirrors. These products can be disposed of at the Regional Landfill at 1105 Cedar Rd. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your continued support of the Nanaimo Recycling Exchange!


Event Bins

The Nanaimo Recycling Exchange previously offered Event Bins for no charge. We no longer have the funds or ability to transport these bins to events in Nanaimo and the District. Apologies for any inconvenience. You are still welcome to collect your own recycling at the event and bring it in to us at the depot ! Thank you to your continued support of the Nanaimo Recycling Exchange !


Yard Waste price change

As of March 15, 2013 customers will pay a higher fee to drop off yard waste at the NRE. This is because yard waste is now composted; the result is rich soil that can be used in gardening and landscaping applications. But this does mean that the costs are higher for the NRE, and so we must ask customers to help absorb the cost.

The new fee scale is

$5 minimum drop off
$10 car or van
$15 regular truck or trailer
Overload rates apply

Thanks for your continued support!


Drywall Discontinued

As of November 1, 2012, the NRE no longer accepts drywall (gypsum board or gyprock) for recycling.  Alpine Disposal & Recycling at 2250 McGarrigle Road (off Northfield Rd) is accepting drywall for recycling.  Their fee for drop-off is $211/metric tonne, with a minimum charge of $10.  Alpine can be reached at 751-1089 for more info.


Our Market

The NRE Community Market has reopened its doors! The staff has been working hard getting the newly renovated Market organized and stocked with reusable household items and collectables. Check our daily sales including book sales, suitcase sales or $5.00 for a grocery bag of stuff*!

* excluding the usual electronics, books, individually priced items and showcase items.

Here’s a quick sneak peak of what you can expect when visiting the new and improved Community Market:


Thank you to our generous supporters!

Every donation made to the NRE helps us in our efforts to reuse and recycle.


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